The people love to watch the handball matches of the men but still, there are some women who have been also playing better than any male players around the world and tonight, the Women Handball World Championship. The league is a well-known league for introducing some of the best matches in the world and tonight, the league is back with another match.

women's handball

We can watch every single match of the league in the court of handball and tonight, the league will introduce the new match between team Austria Women (AUT-W) and team Croatia Women (CRO-W). So, the match is about to start in just a few hours.

AUT-W vs CRO-W Live Score

Well, the fans have already purchased the tickets of the match and visiting the arena to watch this exclusive match but fans have to wait for the match because the team is getting ready and fans are also expecting which team has more chances to win this upcoming match?

It is impossible to reveal that who will win today but many experts are providing their prediction that this team has many chances so, we will also discuss this in our article. Keep reading and get to know every single details of the match.

AUT-W vs CRO-W: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Austria Women (AUT-W) vs Croatia Women (CRO-W)
  • League:- Women Handball World Championship 2021
  • Venue:- Duhail Handball Sports Hall, Doha, Qatar
  • Date:- Sunday, December 12, 2021
  • Time:- 10:30 PM IST

AUT-W vs CRO-W: Team Squad

Austria Women (AUT-W):- Johanna Schindler, Stefanie Kaiser, Claudia Wess, Sarah Draguljic, Mirela Dedic, Sonja Frey, Ines Ivancok, Johanna Reichert, Nora Leitner, Lena Ivancok, Anna Hajgato, Petra Blazek, Patricia Kovacs, Kristina Dramac, Fabienne Tomasini, Nina Neidhart, and Katarina Pandza.

Croatia Women (CRO-W):- Ana Debelic, Lara Buric, Valentina Blazevic, Stela Posavec, Larissa Kalaus, Katarina Jezic, Josipa Mamic, Ana Turk, Dora Krsnik, Ivana Kapitanovic, Tea Pijevic, Paula Posavec, Andrea Simara, Tena Petika, Gabriela Gudelj, and Lucija Besen.

AUT-W vs CRO-W: Lineups Player

Austria Women (AUT-W):- Johanna Schindler, Patricia Kovacs, Kristina Dramac, Stefanie Kaiser, Petra Blazek, Claudia Wess, and Sarah Draguljic.

Croatia Women (CRO-W):- Ana Turk, Stela Posavec, Larissa Kalaus, Katarina Jezic, Tea Pijevic, Valentina Blazevic, and Josipa Mamic.

AUT-W vs CRO-W: Match Prediction
The match is about to start in just a few hours and fans are excited to watch this amazing match tonight. If you want to know the prediction of the match so, let us tell you that team Croatia Women is at 4th spot with 4 matches where the team won just a single match and on the other side, team Austria Women is at 6th spot with 4 matches where the team did not win a single match and the performance of the team Croatia Women is better than the rival team, so, they have better chances to win the upcoming match.


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