Another aspect of the most mysterious crime comes in front of everyone. Former Australia cricketer Stuart MacGill’s kidnapping saga is unfolding day by day. As all of us know that the case is actually very typical because the victim and the culprit know each other as friends or blood relatives. The news of kidnapping MacGill shocked the entire cricket world and millions of people stunned after knowing about the incident that happened with the former cricketer. Apart from this, Australian police also arrested four men in early morning raids on Wednesday. MacGill was allegedly kidnapped by some people and police investigating the entire case very carefully.

Stuart MacGill Kidnapping Case

Here, we provide fresh details related to the incident. Another interesting and shocking news hit the internet that the MacGill kidnapping case taking a new turn because police arrest girlfriend’s brother for further investigation. Now, MacGill not too popular personality and as per the reports it is considered that he is a 46 years old man. From 14th April he was missing from his residence and after that, his family filed an FIR to find him. Now, police investigating the entire matter and regularly trying to get some results.

The name of the person who was taken under custody by the police is Marino Sotiropoulos, brother of his girlfriend Maria O’ Meagher. If we talk about his profession then he is the owner of Aristotle’s restaurant in Neutral Bay. Let us also tell you that MacGill work in the restaurant as a General Manager. Apart from this, MacGill did not sustain any serious injuries but he filed a police complaint after six days of the attack.

The confirmed statement of Holton said, “To be dragged into a car, driven to a remote location, physically assaulted, threatened with a firearm, held for a period of time then dumped, I think you’d be pretty worried about your own personal safety, the safety of your family and your friends”. MacGill is a former leg-spin bowler who makes his empire by his own efforts. He took 208 wickets in 44 Test matches for Australia. He played cricket between 1998 to 2008. Unfortunately, he was not able to take his place in the International Australian Cricket Team because Australian Leg-spinner Shane Warne already took the place and very well maintaining the bowling portion of the team. So, stay connected with us to know more information related to the incident.


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