Initially, it was expected that some massive solar storms were headed toward Earth. But, it seems that there is some twist and aurora chasers are now planning another type of show which can happen at the end of this week. As per the fresh report, if everything goes well, then people will get to see the Aurora Borealis also called The Northern Lights on March 17th and March 18th. The reason behind this may be the coronal holes and a phenomenon called equinox cracks.

Aurora Borealis ,Science News, Canada

As per the sources, NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center has forecasted a G1 minor geomagnetic storm which can arise on March 14th and 15th because the solar wind which carries charged particles are now flowing outward from the Sun.

That day, the scientists can feel some minor disruption in Earth’s geomagnetic field. For now, the primary impact area is poleward of 60 degrees. The team has stated about some possible effects that can cause the geomagnetic storm.  As per the information, it can affect the power systems, controls and can lead to weak power grid fluctuation. Taking about its possible effects in the space, it can change minorly on satellite operation and communication. Apart from these people living in northern part of the U.S. which covers Michigan and Maine and people from Canada can see some Aurora.

It is expected that the Earth will come across Coronal Hole High-Speed Stream (CHHSS) and Co-rotating Interaction Region (CIR). These two phenomena will lead to developing massive auroral shows. CIR carries powerful magnetic fields, and when those come in contact with Earth’s geomagnetic fields, its bring out a dominant shock which can disturb geomagnetic activity. The CHHSS usually caused by the opening of the Sun’s atmosphere. It is also called as Coronal holes. Well, the Auroras may not be visible immediately, and they may be visible for the brief period. So, keep some patients to enjoy the best auroras show.


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