German DHB Pokal is slowly going to its end soon because few final matches are left in this game and fans are excited to watch these matches. Yes, the league is now close to its end because all the matches have been played and now, only a few matches are left in this league called Final Matches.

AUE vs KIE Live Score

Well, out of the 16 final matches, 6 final matches have been played and 10 matches are still left to be held. While team EHV Aue (AUE) and team THW Kiel (KIE) are one of them who did not play their final match but tonight, the game is about to play and both teams will play another match.

AUE vs KIE Live Score

It will be the last match for one of both teams and who will win tonight, the team will proceed for the next final match. It will be excited to watch this match because both teams will try their best to reach the final matches of this league. Well, it will be amazing as all the key players of the teams will show their amazing gameplay and fantastic skills to the rival teams and increase the excitement of the watchers.

The match will take place at Erzgebirgshalle in Lößnitz under the German DHB Pokal. The handball match will bring lots of exciting things so, get ready to watch this live streaming of the match and you can also buy tickets of the match.

AUE vs KIE: Match Details

  • Team Names:- EHV Aue (AUE) vs THW Kiel (KIE)
  • League:- German DHB Pokal 2021-22
  • Venue:- Erzgebirgshalle in Lößnitz
  • Date:- Wednesday, October 6, 2021
  • Time:- 10:30 PM IST

AUE vs KIE: Team Squad

EHV Aue (AUE):- Petr Slachta, Jannik Dutschke, Sebastian Paraschiv, Goncalo Ribeiro, Aki Egilsnes, Adrian Kammlodt, Elias Bombelka, Pascal Ebert, Sveinbjorn Petursson, Jonas Leubner, Nico Schneider, Franz Schauer, Arnar Birkir Halfdansson, Kevin Lux, Kevin Roch, Felix Roth, Bengt Bornhorn, Maximilian Lux, and Erik Topfer.

THW Kiel (KIE):- Sven Ehrig, Oskar Sunnefeldt, Rune Dahmke, Domagoj Duvnjak, Niklas Landin Jacobsen, Pavel Horak, Steffen Weinhold, Sander Sagosen, Hendrik Pekeler, Miha Zarabec, Magnus Landin Jacobsen, Dario Quenstedt, and Harald Reinkind.

AUE vs KIE: Lineups Player

EHV Aue (AUE):- Omar Sijaric, Philipp Mickel Klewin, Ognjen Gnjatić, Sam Schreck, Tom Baumgart, Sascha Härtel, and Philipp Riese.

THW Kiel (KIE):- Joshua Mees, Lewis Holtby, Patrick Erras, Philipp Sander, Thomas Dähne, Phil Neumann, and Stefan Thesker.

AUE vs KIE: Match Prediction

Well, it will be the final match of the day for one team because the winning team will go further to play another final and the losing team will have to go back to their home. We analyzed the previous matches of the league and it was found that team Kiel played far better than the rival team but there are some more changes coming out because of team Aue has changed their strategies and because of it, there can be more expectation from team AUE so, let’s wait who will win tonight?


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