Ateneo Shooting: Who Is Remus Medina? QCPD Director Identifying Suspect Chao Tiao Yumol: The shooting happened in the Philippines at Ateneo de Manila University on Sunday and in this shooting, more than three people died. The shooting scared the people who were presented there for the graduation ceremony and the gunman entered the ceremony by showing himself as the guard and took the advantage and killed the people on the spot. People want to know whether the gun is now arrested or not. If you are one of them who is searching for this news and want to know whether the culprit is under custody or not so you are in a right place. Follow More Updates On

Remus Medina

Who Is Remus Medina?

Well, he is one of the police officers who is investigating this Ateneo Shooting case and all the information on the internet related to this shooting has been coming from him itself. This incident happened on 24th July 2022 when law students and their families gathered for the graduation ceremony and the gunman killed three people and wounded two including his daughter of Rose, the two who were hurt are in the hospital for their treatment.

A former mayor of Lambton, Rose Furigay and his executive assistant Victor Capistrano was killed in the shooting.

Remus Medina

Who Is Dr. Chao Tiao Yumol?

The director of Quezon City Police Department Headquarters Remus Medina has released the information about the human who is responsible for this shooting as Dr Chao Tiao Yumul a citizen of Basilan. He has a history of 26 counts of cybercrime and he is also a medical professional who was caught by the traffic cops when he was running away after the incident. As per information, he did this attack for personal reasons and he was also involved in the drug trade. Now he has to suffer from the punishments for the crime he did.

Remus Medina

Family Background Of Chao Tiao Yumol’s

As he is not a famous personality and his bio is not available on Wikipedia. As per information he is not married and doesn’t have a family. He did this all because he had some personal issues with them in which two innocent people also died and two got severe injuries. For now, no information about his family is available. Our team is trying to find the details about his family if there are any so we will update it for you. Till then stay connected with us for more latest updates & information on Business, Entertainment, and many more.


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