Atal Tunnel which Is known as a Rohtang Tunnel is the longest tunnel in India as well as also in the world. It decrease the distance and time between Manali and Keylong. It is 9.0 KM longest tunnel in India and 10,000 Feet on the Hills. Tunnel save the time of 3-4 Hours and reduce the distance of 40-50 KM.

Atal Tunnel

It has a name after the former Prime Minister of India Atal Bihari Vajpayee. It connects the four main Hills station of Himachal Pradesh those tourists who wants to come here to enjoy has a new way to reach their destination in less time. It also saves you from many kinds of accidents like blockades and more.

But as much as tourists are coming here for enjoying the views after these 3 accidents has been reported on 4rd October after doing careless driving in Tunnel. According the local people and authorities of that area, they claimed that BRO (Border Roads Organization) which works under the Defence Ministry of India for not appoint the police for monitoring to the tourists in the tunnel but however after the complaint of BRO, State Government has situated the police and rescue teams under the tunnel area.

After this incidents, Chief Engineer of BRO KP Purushothaman has given a statement to IANS(Indo-Asian News Service) that a notice has been sent to Chief Minister Office for manage routes and traffic in tunnel on 3rd October. After this Incident, IANS has situated that there is needs of Police officers, fireworkers and emergency teams inside tunnel, they also claimed that the reason of the accidents is the careless driving and motorists stop their vehicles on the crossing of the road’’, KP Purushothman Said. No one is allowed to stop their vehicle in midway and it has two lane road.

BRO says we have already remind to the authorities that on the opening of the Tunnel deploy the fire engines and security in tunnel area and because of the attack of wolfs BRO has not allowed to the vehicles those carry the petrol, gas , explosives and many more dangerous items.

The authorities declared that tunnel will be closed for 2 hours daily to maintain the routes – 9 to 10 AM in the morning and 4 to 5 PM in the evening. During this period , the traffic will not be allowed near the tunnel area.


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