At least 2 dead, 1 injured in shooting at Alabama church: Another incident happened in one of Alabama’s main cities in which two people get dead and one got a severe injury. People are desperate to know the whole story of this news, so don’t worry we will give you detailed information related to this news. A shooting was held at a church on Thursday, in Vestavia hills. This is an area where people live with their families with a variety of restaurants. This area is having some beautiful parks and a playground pool and many others. This incident happened in the evening when people came to church. Follow For More Updates

Vestavia Hills St Stephen's church shooting

Vestavia Hills St Stephen’s church shooting

The Shooting was held at St. Stephan Episcopal church in the Vestavia Hills. This incident happened around 6:22 pm and police reached the location when they called that shooter is at the site. The people were gathered in the church for a small meeting and a shooter took the advantage and killed the two people by shooting at them and one of them got injured. The people were immediately sent to a hospital which was nearby but they were then declared dead and one is in severe condition. Though doctors are trying their best to give him a life.

The priest of the church Rev Kelly Hudlow in an interview with WBRC said that the community of the church is now shocked after the news and now in fear that this happened again but now they are going to make security in their church. As this is a place for love & prayers, people have faith in this and this type of incident will bring a negative impact on them. Well, the gunman who did this and killed two people is now under custody through which police can find the reason why he did this shooting and what was his aim behind this, or someone else gave him the task to do this.

Though the gunman is not identified by the police and no information is given to the media the police. We are getting these types of news now daily. Previously another incident has also happened in the church in which people were there to mourn their family member and a shooter killed 6 members of the family. Now people are in fear to go outside of their homes. Children and families now have to hide in their homes and the police have also argued that place for the safety measure.


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