Asur as the name suggests a person who does evil deeds and harms other people, so as the story goes on visualizing the bad deeds of a criminal with high IQ. The show is a crime-thriller and getting adored worldwide for the story plot and screenplay. The story involves the protagonist Dhananjay Rajput (Arshad Warsi) and Barun Sobti (Nikhil Nair) who are intelligent forensic officers to crack down this complicated case.

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The story travels back and forth in the past and the present where Dhananjay Rajput meets a child who is extraordinary with no emotions to display. Also, we see a connection of the killer with Indian mythology as he was brought up in a pandit family. He constantly kills people in brutal ways. One of the dead persons was the wife of Dhananjay Rajput so it is obvious that it personal but interestingly DJ is the one who is locked in the irons for the charge of murder of his own wife. Continuous suspense is there which will not let you take off your eyes for even a minute.

Also, one thing which makes it interesting to watch is that the director has smartly mixed religious beliefs and showed how a teenager with great IQ can turn into a psychopath killer. Characters are seen chanting Sanskrit shlokas and investigating the case on the basis of asur psychology. This crime-thriller proved that Indian web-series might have lack of budget but not of talent and out of the box stories. The series is launched on Voot Select directed by Oni Sen. In order to watch you have to buy their subscription but do not worry it not as expensive as Netflix. The basic plan comes at 99/month and also offers a 3-days free trial.



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