Assam is known for its tea plantations, rich wildlife, and for the production of silk. The very best and fastest way to get rich, all you have to do that is try your fate that how lucky you are. As you all know that Assam lottery is giving a chance to become rich, here are the steps by following you can try and can be rich. Because lotteries are one of the best ways to try your luck and to get a huge amount.

assam lottery

If we talk about lotteries so there was a time when the lottery was banned but now in India State government operates this to make people rich as per their luck. the Supreme Court has permitted 13 states to conduct legal lotteries, and Assam is one of the states in which drawing of a lottery is legal. Assam state handles the operating system of lotteries in the state. Here are the 3 lotteries that are giving you a chance to make a small fortune.

  • The Assam Future Lottery results are announced by 12 pm.
  • The Assam Singam Lottery results are announced by 5 pm.
  • The Assam Kuil Lottery results are announced by 8 pm.

You can check the results on the official website of If you won so the first prize in the Future lottery is 10 lakhs. you can get the tickets at a very reasonable price at just Rs. 6.

Assam Future Lottery Prize. 12 Pm 

1st Prize – 10 Lakhs (one person), 2nd Prize – 10,000 (ten people), 3rd Prize – 1,000 (ten people), 4th Prize – 500 (ten people), 5th Prize – 200 (ten people).

Assam Singham Lottery Prize. 5 Pm 

1st Prize – 15 Lakhs (one person), 2nd Prize – 20,000 (ten people), 3rd Prize – 2,000 (ten people), 4th Prize – 1,000 (ten people), 5th Prize – 250 (ten people).

Assam Kuil Lottery. 8 Pm 

1st Prize – 10 Lakhs, 2nd Prize – 10,000, 3rd Prize – 1,000, 4th Prize – 500, 5th Prize – 200.

You can check the results as per there timings. It is a very good chance to make a huge amount all you have to do that is buy tickets and try your fate that how blessed you are and how much luck you are having. The Assam Lottery is organized and regulated by the state-recognized authority, Bodoland Territorial Council (Assam). The details must be filled in capital letters. The winner may also demand to attach an original photo ID with this form. The forms need to be submitted within 30 days of the announcement of the results.


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