Asra Abdullah Alsehli And Amaal Abdullah Alsehli: Sisters found dead in Sydney apartment death footage leaked: A horrific incident happened in the Sydney apartment the last month in which two sisters were found dead in a different apartment. Both young girls are in their 20s. This incident shocked everyone who lived there and the police is called to do an investigation this murder. This murder case has been viral on social media platforms and one wants to know the name of the victim who killed them. People are searching for this news and want the police to do an investigation as soon as possible. We have collected the information on this news and shred it in the next sections. Follow More Updates On

Asra Abdullah Alsehli And Amaal Abdullah Alsehli

What Happened With Asra Abdullah Alsehli And Amaal Abdullah Alsehli?

The two young sisters have found dead in the apartment named Asra Abdullah Alsehli & Amaal Abdullah Alsehli. The apartment is near Dibbs St. in the southwest Sydney suburb and their bodies were found dead on 7th June. As per the information given by Police, they said there were no injuries found on the sister’s body and the call was done to the police by the landlords as they didn’t pay the rent and when they went to their room she found that the sisters are dead.

Asra Abdullah Alsehli And Amaal Abdullah Alsehli Death Footage

They came from Saudi Arabia to Australia in 2017, no information has been found against them that what they did for a living, and in 2018 they registered an ABNs in Wetherill Park. As per information, this pair also drove a black BMW at a local service station in which one woman went to the station to fill up the car but another girl came to the store several times. The neighbors said they both loved each other and looked friendly and whenever anyone is in need they came up together and had a friendly nature. We are shocked after this incident and nothing is found against them as their bodies are now sent for post-mortem.

Asra Abdullah Alsehli And Amaal Abdullah Alsehli death cause

As this news is now viral on the internet and people are asking for an investigation police are doing their investigation and trying to find the victim but it is hard for them as no injuries are found on their body and police are waiting for the results as their body sent for the post-mortem. Their death news has been shared with their parents who are recently in Saudi and coming to Sydney to help Police. We will update you soon on this news as we get some confirmed facts on the same.


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