Asiri Eniba Arrested: Why was Asiri Eniba Arrested? Charges Explained: There were witnesses that have made a claim to the fact that Kazeem Oyewale, who is also renowned as Asiri Eniba and two of the people that were with him had been caught carrying guns, cutlasses, and Indian hemp. The deployment of soldiers was done after the elections of the Osun governor and there was an arrest of the chairman of the National Union of Road Transport Workers and the Oroki brank that was situated in Osogbo. The chairman of the branch was Kazeem Oyewale. Follow More Updates On

Asiri Eniba Arrested

Asiri Eniba Arrested

Kazeem is a very notorious man and is known as Asiri Eniba, and was arrested along with some of the hoodlums that were present with him at the Ojurin Motor park, Old Garage. The arrest was made on Friday and has been shocking to the common folks who have been respecting the chairman. He had a great reputation to uphold, but it seems like it all has been going to waste,

After his arrest. The arrest of two other thugs alongside him was clarified by the people that were watching the incident happening with their own eyes. According to reports from the witnesses, the soldiers had fired warning gunshots in the air so that they could capture them peacefully without any chaos. This was also so that the thugs do not attack the soldier again.

Why was Asiri Eniba Arrested?

However, the reason for his arrest has been said to be that Kazeem, notoriously known as Asiri Enibe, and many of his men were involved in many violent attacks that were happening in the state at the time of the elections. It seems that they wanted to win the elections by fear and force. The men who were arrested at the scene were handed over to the Nigerian Police and they were taken away to the Headquarters for further investigation and to be kept in prison. The real motives of Asiri have not yet been taken out of him, so, for some time we will have to stay in the dark until the investigation is complete and the police reveal his motive.


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