In the matches, we have seen many beautiful moments between the players. Every time a player does a very lovely behavior with other players which is really amazing. And this time a gesture by long jumper Ancy Sojan toward Shaili Singh has won the hearts of the audience. people are really happy because of the gesture by Ancy Sojan. The gesture by players won the hearts of the audience as this was really beautiful and created a great moment. The beautiful by Ancy toward Shaili was done yesterday means 2nd October 2023, Monday. Read this article till the end to know everything about this moment.

Ancy Sojan & Swapna Barman

Indian audience is currently really happy because of the gesture by Ancy Sojan toward Shaili Singh. Many players show a big respect for their competitors and sportsmanship. Each and every player gives respect to each other as this is just a game, not a fight. Yesterday, Swapna Barman became the bronze medal winner at the Asian Games 2023. Yesterday Ancy Sojan stepped in and helped her competitor Shaili Singh when she was struggling. In this game, Shailli became in the 5th position as she was in 6.48 m and Ancy became in the 2nd position as she went on 6.56m. Scroll down to know more.

Ancy Sonjan won the silver medal in the women’s long jump as she jumped at 6.63m and on the other hand, Shaili Singh went beyond the 6.48m which is lower than her PB. Before she attempted her 5th attempt she got to know well that she was not going to receive the medals and she became really distressed. But she wasn’t worried about her performance and medal, Ancy went and started hearing her up even though she was her competitor and said a few words to her so that she became really motivated. This moment by Ancy won the hearts of the audience.

Ancy Sojan really motivated her competition, Shaili Singh. And since then people are appreciating her. On that same day, Swapna Barman gave a big shock to her fans in the entire India with her outrageous. She gave a talk at the time of the event which was rather welcome. Swapna lost against Nandini Agasara and since then she has become a part of controversy on social media. Some people started trolling her but this is really bad as people are trolling her. Social media is currently removing the posts of the people who are trolling Swapna.


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