On Wednesday, October 4, 2023, the golden boy of India, Neeraj Chopra, won a gold medal for the country at the 19th Asian Games. Neeraj Chopra’s throw of 88.88m at the Asian Games 2023 led him to secure his number-one rank in the world. But it was not the highlight of the day because a huge controversy erupted because of Neeraj Chopra’s throw. On Wednesday, Neeraj Chopra was all set to give his best at the 19th Asian Games taking place in Hangzhou, China, but his first throw was not measured by the Chinese officials. Yes, you heard it right, if Neeraj Chopra’s first throw that was thrown with full strength and fresh legs, went unmeasured. Isn’t it shocking? Therefore, a controversy has erupted. Let’s delve into the article and learn what Neeraj Chopra said about it.

Neeraj Chopra

Neeraj Chopra’s First Throw At Asian Games 2023 Goes Unmeasured

A huge controversy has erupted following Olympic champion Neeraj Chopra’s javelin throw went unmeasured. This promoted the legendary athlete Anjuu Bobby Geroge to criticize the Chinese officials for deliberately targeting the Indian athletes and trying to cheat. George also asserted that winning in China is the most difficult. Apparently, the first throw of Neeraj Chopra had cleared the 85m mark but to his surprise, his effort with full strength and fresh legs was not recorded by the Chinese officials. In addition, Chopra was not given any reason for that.

Neeraj Chopra Clinches Gold At Asian Games 2023

Although Neeraj Chopra’s 85m plus throw was not recorded, he managed to throw an 88.88m throw in the fourth attempt to stand at the top of the podium. During the post-game conference, Neeraj Chopra said, “I don’t know why they did not measure my first throw. Just after me, the second and third competitors had their throws and their distance were measured. I kept on asking what happened to my first throw. I was puzzled and confused, it has never happened in any competition I have competed in till now. I think they lost my landing mark and they kept on looking for it.”

India won two medals in the javelin throw competition. Alongside Neeraj Chopra, India’s Kishore Jena won a medal at the Asian Games 2023. He secured second spot on the podium. “They are trying to cheat us and trying to disturb our athletes. Neeraj’s first throw was very good and it was a kind of disturbance. We called Neeraj to protest there itself. Jena’s throw was also called foul when he was one foot behind the line,” said the senior vice president of the Athletics Federation of India, Anju Bobby George.


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