The well-known transport manufacturer Indian company Ashok Leyland planned to launch India’s first 14 wheeler DLTA Truck. The 4-axle 8×2 AVTR 4120 truck has a capacity of 40.5 tonne Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW). This new technologically advanced truck will bring the new eight capacity with an additional 5-ton payload. Here is the complete specification of Ashok Leyland Truck which will amaze you with its upgrades in various parts.

Ashok Leyland

The managing director of Ashok Leyland Mr. Vipin Sondhi has released a statement that Ashok Leyland has always tried to move forward and beat other competitive firms worldwide. So to make India proud finally the product is ready and available among all of us. Our endeavour has always been to address the needs of our customers and deliver better and AVTR 4120 is one step towards this offering the customer flexibility.

AVTR 4120 has 12.5-tonne dual tyres lift axle (DLTA) technology with parallelogram advanced feature. This feature makes the reliability and long life of tyres. This Ashok Leyland Truck 4120 is available in two various options on the basis of power. The first variant is available with 200bhp and 700Nm and the other one is available at 250bhp with 900Nm power. Besides this, iGen6 technology offers improved power, performance, and fluid efficiency. The model is made for heavy-duty performance and high-end powerful work.

There are various Cab options are available with this truck SUch as N Cab, U Cab and M Cab. The N Cabin option offers a suspended cab with a damper, a suspended driver seat, an anti-roll bar in the front, ample storage spaces, full metal front fascia, music system, AC & HVAC options. Apart from this, This 14 wheeler beast comes with many digital solutions like advanced telematics. The customer assistance is available with a 24×7 uptime solution center and service mandi network.

In this modern world, customer needs anther benefits like maintenance and other related offers. So, To save maintenance money company offers Maintenace free unitized wheel bearing and slipper-ended rear suspension which will benefit the owner in the future. The Price of this truck is yet to disclosed and we will release the info when the official Ashok Leyland DLTA 4120 Truck price comes to our knowledge.


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