People use social media platforms to explore their thoughts and content. Apart from people love to get information on the behalf of social media platforms. . A leaked video news has become a point of attraction on the internet. It is identified as Ashley Solis leaked video on Twitter.

Ashley Solis leaked Video

This viral news has added more traffic to the internet today. Every individual wants to know more information about this viral news. Hence people are checking different -different sites and pages so that they may know more information about particular news. No sooner do we get to know about this topic than we provide all the readers of this article with further details so as to bring all the readers a better understanding of this news.

Who is Ashley Solis?

A viral video has become the talk of the town on social media platforms. A massage therapist accused one of the most popular footballers all over the world Deshaun Watson of sexual assault and misbehavior during a massage session. There were two ladies Ashley Solis and Kayla Hayes. One of them Ashley Solis claimed that she was harassed. She is holding American citizenship. She is a professional Massage Therapist. Deshaun has been alleged of sexual assault by 22 women. Ashley Solis, this name is on trending nowadays on social media platforms. She blamed Deshaun Watson for sexual assault and his misbehavior toward a lady.

She is considered between 30-35 years but according to her picture, and videos, she is expected under 25 years old. She is a Massage Therapist from Houston, Texas, United States. There is one account on Instagram with the handler @ashleysolismt. She has gained enough followers on her Instagram account and she has 2100 followers around and more than 70 posts she has uploaded on her Instagram account. Recently she was active on her Instagram, she shared that she wanted to take a break from the social media platforms for mental health.

Who is Deshaun Watson?

Deshaun Watson is one of the good footballers all over the world. He is a professional footballer playing for the NFL player. Presently He plays from Houston Texas. The concerned authorities are investigating this case, where Deshaun was appealing that he was not a culprit and this case is fake and has been registered to gain fame. However, this has not been confirmed by his friends and himself.


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