Pakistani umpire Asad Rauf Scandal Video Leaked on Social Media: Asad Rauf, a former ICC elite umpire has been caught being involved in a scandalous act and is now selling shoes in Pakistan. Asad Rauf has been an umpire in the ICC for a long time but was not an official in any form of cricket for a few years. There is news that has been confirmed by sources that in order to make a living, he had shifted to doing business. He has been running a shoe shop in Landa Bazaar, Pakistan. Follow More Updates On

Asad Rauf

Who Is Pakistani umpire, Asad Rauf?

He has been an umpire in more than 150 international cricket matches in all forms of cricket but later shifted to his business so that he can make a better living. It seems like being an ICC umpire was not cutting the job for him. Asad Rauf, an ICC official umpire from Pakistan has now been doing business after he was removed from being an official ICC umpire about six years ago.

Rauf holds the record of being an official in 49 test matches, 98, ODI matches, and 23 T20 matches. Later on, his involvement in match-fixing cut his tenure short and made to leave his official status. About six years ago he was banned from being the official umpire under the ICC banner. That incident of fixing had ruined his life and in order to have a decent living, he had to do something. So, he shifted to the shoe business.

Asad Rauf Scandal Video Leaked

This is not the only defaming incident that has been under his name as he was also accused of being involved in physical abuse and assault on a model. A picture of him and the model being intimate has surfaced on the internet. The 66-year-old former umpire had also given an interview where he was asked if he has been missing cricket or not. His response to the question was that he has quit cricket and is not a part of it, and once he has quit something he doesn’t return to it.

The former umpire is not just running a shoe business in Pakistan but also has some space left that is used for selling clothes. Also, Landa Bazaar is quite famous for being a cloth market and availability of shoes at low prices. The charge of match-fixing has not yet been accepted by him and he denies having any involvement in it. He said that the reason for opening a shop was that he had nothing else that can get him his bread and butter so he gave the shoe shop a try and has been at it ever since.


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