Arrest Terracina: Here are the names of those arrested by the carabinieri: the mayor of one of the seaside towns in Terracina, Roberta Tintari got put under house arrest for some charges on her. Roberta Tintari is allegedly under house arrest on charges of corruption that include the use of beaches. According to the sources, Roberta Tintari is not the only one who is under house arrest, but along with her, there are also other five people who are under house arrest. The sources claim that the other two members of the Tintari executive and the head of the council assembly are under house arrest. Roberta Tintari is under house arrest because in 2019 she allegedly grafted the use of the town’s beaches by one of the private sectors. Follow More Updates On

Arresti Terracina

Who is Roberta Tintari?

Roberta Tintari is currently in the position of mayor of one of the seaside towns in Terracina. She served her a lot of time with the social commitment with managerial positions in the co-operations. In the year, 2013 Roberta Tintari was positioned to be the counselor for the Social policies, Youth Policies, Equal Opportunities, Public Education, and Culture. She comes from the right-wing and is in the Brothers of Italy Party.

Arresti Terracina

Roberta Tintari has also been the first citizen of Fratelli d’Italia Nicola Procaccini, where she played the role of the deputy mayor and councilor who had to manage the Social Services and family policies, housing emergency, public and private education, Youth Policies, Equal Opportunity, as well as integration.

Statement by the Latina Public prosecutor’s office

According to the statement by the Latina Public prosecutor’s office, the investigation of the case and the charges is still going on. The allegations against the politicians and the other two technicians are connected to the management of the bathing services and exploitation of public property goes against the rules and regulations.

On the 14th of January in the same year, the Carabinieri and Port Authority conducted an investigation operation for the municipal administration of Terracina and the investigation made the deputy mayor Pierpaolo Marcuzzi under house arrest.

Know about the entire story behind the house arrest of Roberta Tintari

The case of Roberta Tintari being under house arrest is done by the Carabinieri and the Harbor Master’s office on the 19th of July. According to the sources, around three politicians and the other two technicians are under house arrest, and Roberta Tintari is one of the politicians to be in house arrest. The President of the city council is one of the persons who are under house arrest.


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