Here we are sharing a piece of sad and heartbreaking news with you. Two sisters from the US state died of assisted suicide in Switzerland were helped by a third person. Who also texted for their friends. It has been reported Lila Ammouri, a 54-year-old, was a palliative care doctor. Susan Frazier was a 49 years old, nurse. Reportedly they traveled to Basle, Switzerland on 3rd February 2022 from their lives as the country allows assisted suicide. Here we have several things to share with you and he will share them with you in this article, so keep reading.

Arizona Sisters Who Went Missing in Switzerland Died

The Basel- Landschaft public prosecutor’s offices spokesperson Michael Lutz told the independent ” The public chargers office of the canton of Basel Landschaft confirmed that two American women have passed away when they lived in Switzerland. They both have committed suicide with the help of assisted suicide organizations.” Lutz has also seen ” In the special case, the on-site checks by the authorities disclosed that the assisted suicide has taken place in within the legal structure so that the Basel Landschaft public prosecutor’s offices has not opened a criminal investigation.

Arizona Sisters Who Went Missing in Switzerland

On 19th February, the state department’s Bureau of Consular Affairs announced the death of two sisters. At this time their brother is in shock, and he did understand why did they do that. Cal Ammouri, 60, told The Independent that the US Consular employee has not told him about their official death cause before starting.

Lila was in palliative care and her younger sister, Susan was a registered nurse. The duo flew to Basel, Switzerland on 3rd February, from their house in Phoenix. When they have failed to come back to their work in mid-February. alarms were raised. Later, their deaths were confirmed. Lila’s old friend David Biglari said he got a text from them in Switzerland but trusts that someone else sent it.

According to the report, assisted suicide is constitutions in Switzerland. There are a number of facilities in the country that help in suicide. Though it’s not known which facility’s service Lila and Susan took they do travel to Basel, a city.  where Pegasos – a Swiss voluntary assisted dying (VAD) association is located.

It has been said that anyone using pegasos’ services ” must “must have a third party who is known to the individual be able available to identify them to the authorities after they die. If the sisters did use Pegasos service, it is unknown who would have been with them to identify them,” The Daily Mail reported. Stay tuned for more updates.


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