Popular Singer Arijit Singh’s mother passed away due to COVID-19 on Thursday. His mother was tested positive with COVID-19 and they admitted her to the nearest hospital in Kolkata where she needed A-negative blood for the treatment. An official has state that his mother was on ECMO for a few days as her condition was not stable. Actor Swastika Mukherjee has written on her social media that “Need A-blood for Arijit Singh’s mother. She is admitted to Amri Hospital and we need the blood today. Please contact me on my social media account. After spreading the news of Arijit Singh’s mother needs A-negative blood, the filmmaker Srijit Mukherji also tweeted the same on his account by posting that, “We need the A-negative blood donor for Arijit Singh mother, she is admitted in the Amri Hospital.

Arijit Singh Mother Death LiveArijit Singh Mother Death Live

Any negative donor can contact Natasha on social media. Many Bollywood celebrities posted this on their social media and prayed for his mother’s speedy recovery. Arijit Singh also posted that he doesn’t need help just because he is a celebrity. Please help everyone who needs help. We need to help everyone outside in this critical situation where we are lacking sources. My regards to the one who reach out to me for helping my mother, but I would be grateful if you help every individual as they all are our priority.

He has posted on Facebook that, “We all need to pray to win this battle against the COVID-19. No one should have passed away like this and this is the humble request to my beloved ones to join me in this prayer. It will not take much time of yours to pray as you can do this while you are doing your work. These prayers will be the only strength to get over the mental stress and better concentrate on helping the needy ones. We all have mobile phones to understand the condition in our country and to reach for the help whom we can possibly do. Please Be Home and do not go outside until it is necessary.

You can protect yourself and your family from the coronavirus. Keep your masks on each time you go out for some work and use hand sanitiser while using things from outside. Prefer doing yoga at home which will strengthen your immune system and relax your mind. If you are facing a problem while breathing then do not panic and use a prone position to increase the capacity of your lungs so you get oxygen for survival. The last rites of his mother will be performed in Kolkata. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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