Men’s World Championship has another match of ARG and CRO. This is a Handball match and ready to give you goosebumps again. So far the tournament engaged a huge audience and now at the current time, it has an unbelievable fan following among other handball leagues. Do you know? the match will start at 09:30 PM. On the other side if we talk about the competitive teams then the match will be played between Argentina and Croatia. Here is the full information all you need to know about this square off. Let’s get starts.

World Men's Handball Championship

ARG vs CRO Live Score

Match: Argentina vs Croatia
League: Men’s World Championship 2021
Date: Saturday, January 23, 2021
Time: 10:30 PM
Venue: Covered Halls Complex

ARG vs CRO Match preview

To know the match prediction we need to observe the previous results of both teams and collect a few matches which can help to find out the performance and gameplay moment of both teams. As per the recent five games, Argentina won only 1 match, and the remaining are mentioned as N in the stats. Argentina: W N N N N. But Croatia also has the same stats W N N N N. They won 1 match and the remaining are mentioned as N. Players of both teams appear in brilliant form, due to this reason the hope of winning has still remained.

ARG vs CRO Probable Lineups

Argentina: L Carlos sergi, F Pizarro, N Bonanno, L Dario Mosc, G Matias Carou, J Manuel Bar, F Gaston Fern

Croatia: L Cindric, M Mamic, M Maric, Z Horvat, I Martinovic, M Sego, D Duvnjak

ARG vs CRO Match Prediction

According to the fan following and other facts like playing lineup and key players ARG is the much-predicted winner name. ARG is selected as the winner because of its perfection in gameplay and maintaining the momentum as well. As we know it is one of the famous handball league so you should watch this match definitely. We are trying to serve our best to give you updates regarding the upcoming handball matches. That’s why you should check out to know about the other sports news and future matches of this league. To get in touch bookmark the website immediately.


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