What Happened To Archie Battersbee? Accident Video Explained: The High Court of London upheld a hearing about a boy who has been suffering from brain damage for almost three months. In April 2022, Archie Battersbee met with an accident and lost his life by the end of May. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

archie battersbee accident

Who is Archie Battersbee?

Archie Battersbee is 12 years old and is reportedly dead as declared by the court. In the month of April, Archie Battersbee met with an accident that occurred brain damage to Archie Battersbee. However, there is no proper information that what happened when the boy met with an accident and went unconscious for a long period of time.

The hospital where Archie Battersbee was being treated declared the boy dead, but his family members got stuck with their statement that he would be alive and should be treated, even the family filed a case against the hospital for not treating their kid. However, the high court denied the fact that he is alive and died a long ago. The hospital had declared Archie Battersbee dead at the end of May 2022.

What Happened To Archie Battersbee?

The family members of Archie Battersbee have lost the case that demanded the doctors train the boy on regular basis who has been brain damage for the last three months. On Friday, July 15, the High Court of London said that they have profound regret for the family of Archie Battersbee and that the boy should not be continued to be treated by the doctors further.

Mr. Justice Hayden was concerned about the health condition of Archie Battersbee and said that he was sad to know what happened to the boy. The High Court’s decision to rule the doctors to not treat Archie Battersbee came after the hospital had put their statement with proper proof in the court claiming that the boy had died in the month of May.

What is the statement of the family of Archie Battersbee?

Archie Battersbee’s family members stated that their hearts of Archie Battersbee is still beating, so the decision of the court does not make any sense. The Royal London Hospital had declared the boy dead in the month of May, even though he was breathing.

Archie Battersbee Accident Video

There has not been any kind of clarity that what would have happened to the boy. According to the family members of Archie Battersbee, the 12 years old boy would be completing some kind of online challenge. The boy, Archie Battersbee’s brain got damaged after an accident that took place at his home in the month of April in 2022.


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