According to the secret research project at Apple, iPhones in the future will be equipped with slimmer, brighter, and more power-efficient screens. The experts and technicians are working on the iPhone’s Micro LED displays to replace the top specified OLED screens used in the iPhones today, as said by the industry sources.

iPhones, micro led

If the things go according to the plan, the technology will be a new evolution for the Smartphones, and the OLED screens would be replaced forever because of their burn-in issues which happen when an image is left on the screen for a long time.

Apple is now making these Micro LED screens in its secret plant situated in California according to the reports. The process is handled by Lynn Youngs who is in-charge of the iPhone and Apple watch screen technology, as said by the people who are familiar with this topic.

Micro LED is a new generation display technology that is attracting a lot of attention from several technology firms and companies. The screens with the help of Micro LED would be thinner, energy-efficient, durable, and brighter as compared to the OLED displays that are being adopted by some Smartphones and devices.

However, this new technology is entirely unproven and using is not easy, as said by the analysts.

Dongbu Securities analyst S.R. Kwon says, “It is not clear whether Micro LED will be better than the OLED displays Apple uses for the smart watches.” He also added, “at this point, this seems to me that Apple wants to show off- it’s more of what look what we can o rather than a realistic alternative.”

The other companies who are also eying this technology include Taiwan’s Hon Hai Precision Industry and Apple’s original contract manufacturer.


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