Finally, macOS Sonoma is here. Yes, this is true. Apple has now finally launched macOS Sonoma which everyone was waiting for so long. This is a completely brilliantly refining technology. From desktop widgets to Game Mode everything is now completely new. macOS Sonoma has been named after the scenic region in Northern California. It is officially launched by Apply on Tuesday, 26th September 2023. There are many big updates because of that it maintains a great pitch with today’s generation. Working with a new technology is really important and by looking at that Apply has brought some new big updates in the macOS Sonoma. Read the entire article to learn what’s new in it now.

macOS Sonoma
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macOS Sonoma 2023 was launched on 26th September 2023, Wednesday officially by Apply. This is a completely new technology. Apply has made some big updates in the new macOS Sonoma. There is a big improvements and new features in the macOS Sonoma now. There is a lot of notable work on the new desktop widgets. Through macOS Sonoma, you can play on your Mac which is even more strong and powerful. You can elevate the quality of your video calls. You can also access the new information in all the ways. In macOS Sonoma, there is a great gaming performance and it is going to boost the performance. Continue reading to learn all the new features.

According to Apple, now widgets are at your fingertips. Widgets have been the most important part of macOS for a long time now. Despite that, Sonoma is totally game changer. There is more amazing accessibility than ever it has seen. Now you can also customize it very easily as the placement when the widgets are not in use. The second big update is the video call. Now the video conference is available but with a big twist. scroll down to learn about it.

Video calling in macOS Sonoma is now pretty amazing as there is a new feature named Screen Sharing Picket that simplifies app sharing during calls. Now messaging is also cool in it as you can use new stickers and emojis which is absolutely going to lift the conversation. And now in the mail, you also have more security as there is a one-time verification code system. In photos, there is a new feature in macOS Sonoma as now photos can recognize pets in the human album and it can also expand the visual lookup to videos and it can also determine food.


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