Last year in November, Apply announced to launch a range of MacBook that affordable for everyone. It is confirmed that the upcoming MacBook will not ship with Intel Chipsets because Apple put its in-house Silicon that made for MacBooks. The major effect that Apple has to face after putting Silicon in the upcoming Macs is an end to the 15-years old alliance with Intel. Apple putting Intel in the laptops in 2005 and the laptops got much love and success in the market. Now, the major change that did by the company what does in the market it is still a question.

apple macbook air 2021 specs

If we talk about MacBook Air then it receives an upgrade with 10th gen intel chips along with a magic keyboard and 256Gb storage. The laptop considered the perfect model for an upgrade to the 2017 MacBook Air. After the arrival of the Macbook M1 Air, all the spotlights from the 2020 version transferred to the Macbook M1 Air. All this happened just because the new M1 chipset is more powerful and efficient at the same time. The estimated date of launch of the new MacBook Air 2021 lies in the second half of the year. So, if you want to purchase the MacBook then you need to wait for a while.

If we talk about the specifications of the new MacBook Air 2021 then it will be coming with a refreshed design. Also, the borders of the screen shrink by the company to make it smaller and easy to carry but the size of the screens remains the same at 13 inches. Apart from this, the leaked information also says that the refreshed model will be lighter and thinner than the previous models of MacBooks. Some other expectations are MacBook Air will be ship two USB 4 ports instead of thunderbolt 4 for external connections. Also, the return of a 3.5mm headphone jack is expected to give a better experience to all the users.

Now, the specifications of the ensuing model of Apple MacBook Air 2021 are extremely superb. The launch date and confirmed specifications of the MacBook Air 2021 have not been revealed yet but very soon the company will be released all the information. The expected price of the Apple MacBook Air 2021 is Rs. 95,000 and the company is all set to boost the engagement of the people who want to get the perfect piece that helps them in professional work. Apple has always hit the peak of success whenever any new model launched by the company. Now, it will be the best chance for the company to make history again. So, stay connected with us to know more interesting news and information related to the upcoming models.


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