Apple Is Preparing To Launch “Affordable Range Of Mobiles” Next Year

On September 10, Apple will launch iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11R with the new A13 processor. but there is no official news, all are based on the rumors and leaks.

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Image source: Tech Radar

Apple is the largest and most expensive mobile brand which is going to launch its new mobile range on September 10. It is expected to be the iPhone 11, iPhone 11pro, and iPhone 11R. It is also rumored that iPhone 11R is the cheapest in the three with the range of Rs.53,000. Apple hasn’t confirmed the price yet. Apple is going to launch its “affordable range mobiles” and will launch in the year 2020.

Closest Sources of Apple revealed that Apple will launch its SE Successor. It is rumored that it is the successor of SE which was released back in the year 2016, but Cupertino major turns down all the rumors. But it looks that Apple is readying to launch SE Successor in the upcoming year 2020.

There are also several rumors that after the launch of SE Successor, Apple will hope to gain its lost market share. It had faced a massive decline in the shipment of mobile in the past three consecutive quarters till now. So, this SE Successor can become the game-changer for the brand. The company yet not decided the name of the new phones but it may be iPhone SE2 as the successor of the SE as per the past rumors.

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On September 10, Apple will launch iPhone 11, iPhone 11pro, iPhone 11R with the new A13 processor. But there is no official news; all are based on the rumors and leaks. The study also reveals that SE Successor will also run on the A13 Processor, but it will not have Face ID; instead, it has Touch ID. Apple yet not confirmed any details on the SE Successor.

Leaks and Rumors also revealed that the price for iPhone 11R price would be $749 (Rs 53,800), cost of the iPhone 11 will be $999 (Rs 71,700) while the price of iPhone 11 Pro will be $1099 (Rs 78,900). Soon Apple will launch its affordable range mobile, which will give the company a profit that covers its all loses. Waiting for an official announcement from Apple? Stay updated with us for all the latest updates.


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