Apple is one of the leading mobile companies in the world. It is also the most loved and admired brand in the world. Recently Apple has released its latest iOS 11.3 which is for iPhone, iPod, iPad. The interesting thing to know is that what is so unique about this new iOS 11.3 version. This feature enables us to see the battery health on our device. A new watchOS 4.3 has also been released along with the improved and extended features. Launch update for HomePod is also there.

Apple iOS 11.3, WatchOS 4.3

Now we are going to tell you all the pros and cons of the update. The chain of the improvements in iOS comes with the first feature of viewing the Battery Health which you can access by clicking on the Settings and then selecting Battery. Then you will be able to see the new screen and Battery Health. You can see the Maximum capacity of your iPhone’s battery and it will be shown as 100% if the phone is new. The battery becomes old and the capacity reduces the time.

When the battery becomes old, the iPhone experiences unexpected shutdowns and lowers the user-experience. The Peak Performance Capability enables you to know when you need to rush to the Apple Store to get your battery replaced or serviced. Last year, Apple launched a battery replacement programme also for the process of replacing the old batteries at the price of $29 and Rs. 2,000.

After the Battery focussed feature, another feature which comes with the update is AR. It has improved the ARKit also. Another amazing feature is Business Chat. Business Chat is enabling people to communicate to their business persons by using the Messages app. However, this feature is only available in beta version in the US.

There is another specialty as in iPhone X, four new Animoji characters are also added. So now expressing ourselves as lion, bear, dragon, skull is also possible. Apple Music App has also been updated by Apple and now we can listen to our favorite songs without seeing ads.

This update can be downloaded on iPhone 5s and other upper models.

watchOS 4.3  is also released with iOS11.3. A number of new features are added to the watch. You can now use the Nightstand mode. The feature of viewing the music list of the connected iPhone was available but then was suddenly removed. You can like, dislike the songs, also search or playback the music you were listening. You will be able to download the update by clicking My watch and then General, then Software Update. Remember this option can only be possible if the watch is at least 50% charged.




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