It has not been a long time since iPhone 15 was launched but its users have started facing problems with the phone. According to the iPhone 15 buyers, the phone is getting warm while using it. Nevertheless, Apple also confirmed the heating issues in iPhone 15 but the company also promised to fix the issue. To fix the heating problem detected in iPhone 15, Apple will release an iOS 17 software update. Yes, you heard it right, iPhone 15 users will need to update their device’s software to improve the issue. Since iPhone 15 users started facing heating problems, people have been relentlessly taking over the internet and social media platforms to share their issues and to seek a solution. Here we have explained how you can fix heating issues in iPhone 15. Scroll down the page.

iPhone 15 Pro
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How to fix the heating issue in iPhone 15?

A spokesperson for Apple said, “We have identified a few conditions which can cause the iPhone to run warmer than expected,” He went on to explain some particular conditions that might cause heating issues in iPhone 15. The phone is getting warmer than expected, confirmed Apple. However, it is not the first time an iPhone model has faced heating issues. Typically, iPhone devices get warm at the start while setting them up as the phone downloads data.

The spokesperson for Apple said they have detected a bug in iOS 17 that will be addressed in a software address. He went on to say that the software would not reduce the performance of the device. The company spokesperson also added that updates to recent third-party apps are causing iPhone 15 to overload the system. However, the company is working on it and app developers are in the process to fix the issue. The process of rolling out the software update is midway. The third-party apps that were causing overloading to the system include Uber and Instagram. However, Instagram has issued a fix.

Is Titanium Causing Heating Problem in iPhone 15?

When some users faced heating problems with the iPhone 15, rumors popped that the Titanium was the reason for it. In addition, some experts and analysts also suspected Titanium in the frame of the iPhone 15 Pro may be causing the heating issue. Apple has confirmed that Titanium is not causing heating issues but it is better for heat dissipation than the stainless-steel. The issue of heating in iPhone 15 will be resolved with the software update. However, the company has not mentioned when it will roll out the software update.


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