A term has been trending on the internet today in which several netizens continuously looking forward to knowing What is the meaning of Pantek which is viral on Tiktok. So, if you are also seeking to get complete detail on this topic then we are providing here a perfect piece of information that will help you.

Apa Arti pantek viral video

The number of searches to know the meaning of Pantek Minang and Pantek Madura are very touching the peak. So, we already researched this trending news and present detailed information for all the users who search for it.

What is the meaning of Pantek TikTok?

So, the term has begun to spread all over the internet when one of the DJ names on TikTok, DJ Pantek Pantek went viral. Along with it in a local video of Madura and Minang, people heard the word ‘Pantek’. After that, people are curious to know the real meaning of the word Pantek in Madurese and Minang Language. Today, the search for the keyword “What is the meaning of Pantek TikTok?” has been increased.

There are hundreds of searches coming on Google in which everyone searching to know the exact meaning of the word. Let us tell you that the term Pantek is quite different in the Minang, Madurese, Padang, and coastal regions of Sumatra.

Simak Arti Pantek Viral Video

If we talk about the meaning of the work Pantek in Minang then the word is not polite to use in everyday life. The exact meaning of the word Pantek in the Minang language is defined as a female reproductive organ. Many people use this word as a curse or when they are angry. However, the term Pantek is not always slang because Pantek defines as a peg in KBBI.

Pantek Meaning in Madurese Language

On the other hand, the meaning of the word Pantek in the Madurese language defines as damn. Normally, people use this work when they are annoyed with someone and cursed. Along with it, the use of this word is not appropriate because it’s best to hold back the anger except to say any hurtful word or thing to someone.

Now, the meaning of the word in both languages has been described above and you can get a proper detail of this word in both languages. Along with it, if we talk about the Sumatra Language, Kampang is a word similar to Pantek. Kampang is used to define as an illegitimate child and it is also not recommended to use in daily life. The exact meaning of the word Pantek that went viral on TikTok has been described above and you can know whether the word is appropriate to use or not.


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