In the latest episode of Anupamaa, we see that Anupamaa goes to the house with her family. She is so happy and stares the trophy which she won in the best mom competition in the school. She comes to the house. Vanraj says he will come after parking the car. She waits for him outside. Samar asks her mother to come in as his father knows the way to home and he will come himself. Anupamaa says okay lets go. Samar tells him that bapuji and maa fought and bapuji went to his house. She thinks that this happened because of her. Samar asks her to cool down as it is normal and happens every 1-2 months.

Anupamaa Written Updates 23 July 2020

In the latest episode of Star Plus’s serial Anupamaa written updates, we see that Samar says that this fight is common. Anupamaa says she said lie to Baa and that’s why this happened. She goes and shows the trophy to Baa and asks her not to become angry as she just wanted to do something for her daughter. Baa becomes angry. Anupamaa says that today I am so happy as Vanraj admired me in front of everybody. Baa still stays angry. Anupamaa asks Vanraj to tell Baa what he said.

  • Anupamaa Timings: 10:00 PM
  • Day: Monday-Saturday

Vanraj says that whatever I said there is a lie and nothing is true in that. Baa smirks. Vanraj says I was bound to do this and I cannot disrespect my family there. Sweety says you were not supposed to come there and I invited Kavya aunty. Samar asks why you did this. Sweety says I did not know that your thepla pizza will win the competition as you do not have any skill. Anupamaa was standing in tears.

We see that Samar was so stressed about the fact that his father thinks that he cannot do anything in his life. Vanraj tells that he got a call from Principal of Pakhi that she wants to offer a job to Anupamaa. He asks whether she wants to take the job or not. Samar says that she should take the job

Samar says that the mother is everything. Vanraj asks everything is the mother not father. Vanraj asks if I am important or not. Anupamaa says that you are everything to me. Vanraj says I am wrong and you lied to my mother for this trophy. He says we can buy these trophies in 100 rupees. He says she has humiliated him. Anupamaa starts crying. For more Anupamaa written updates 23 July 2020 stay tuned with us.


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