In the lockdown, we all missed the daily soaps and how they kept us entertained all day. But now all the TV serials are coming back with the new episodes. Star Plus has launched a brand new TV serial called Anupamaa where it shows the journey of a mother, how she sacrifices for her family at every point of life. Everyone was coming back and Pakhi says that it would be good if mom will be here and she knew how to do it. Samar and Anupamaa go back and thinks whether they will reach on time or not. Samar says they will reach.

Anupamaa Written Episode Updates, 20 July 2020

In Star Plus’s Anupamaa written updates 20 July 2020, Everyone reach on time but the car of Vanraj was stopped because of the police. Samar and Anupamaa reach but Pakhi and Vanraj get stuck in the traffic. Anupamaa sees everybody and then becomes so conscious by seeing everything around. She asks him to go home as she cannot do this and Vanraj is right about her. Samar says that this is the time for her to shine. She takes a deep breath and then goes inside. Samar watches her.

She starts exploring the place and feels confident. Samar sees the stall and asks her to start displaying the things on the stall. Anupamaa starts organizing everything. She decorated the stall with all eating items. Anupamaa asks Samir to see whether his father came or not. Vanraj and Pakhi see Anupamaa there but they become so upset. Pakhi and everybody goes. Samar asks her to focus as the judges are coming. Samar motivates her and asks her to focus on the things.

The judges and the principal come there. Anupamaa shows them the fusion food and they all like the food made by them. The principal wishes them all the best as they liked everything. Students also become attracted to the stall. But Pakhi was so disappointed by Anupamaa. At the time of results, everyone becomes shocked when the Anupamaa wins the award. Pakhi also becomes so happy but she is conscious about going on the stage. For more updates of Anupamaa written updates, stay tuned with us.


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