The most interesting and brilliant daily soup, Anupamaa is getting high TRP continuously. So far, the madness among the audience touching the peak and engaging millions of people to watch all the upcoming episodes as well. The show is actually entertaining everyone a lot by adding some brilliant episodes with outstanding stories.

Anupama 2nd December 2021

There are uncounted people continuously watching the episodes to get some piece of entertainment. If you want to get some information related to the upcoming episode then you have to stay on the same page. We are providing some spoilers of the ensuing episode of the show.

The upcoming episode begins with the celebration of Baa and Bapuji’s anniversary is going on at Shah House. All the people dancing to the song “Tumse Milke Dil Ka Ye Haal Kya Karen”. After that, Vanraj gets a call and he asks to deliver the packet only to him.

While he speaking on a call, Anu and Kavya notice him even Kavya speaks to him but he ignores her. On the other hand, Anuj imagines dancing with Anu. After the call, he thinks why did he/she call him after so many years. He thinks that day is very important for Anu and he didn’t want to spoil it.

After the program of Sangeet, Bapu feeds Kheer to Baa, and she gets shy. After that Mamaji jokes and then Anu offers Kheer to Vanraj. Vanraj offers his bowl to Anuj and asks Kinjal to take another bowl for him.

After that, Anuj enjoys the kheer and then Vanraj says Anu made tasty kheer and asks how is his work going. Then Anuj says it’s going on very well and Anu’s restaurant is his next dream project. After hearing this, Vanraj says he will sure visit his restaurant and will not create any drama.

Then, Anuj thanks him but Kavya gets jealous seeing that and thinks that Vanraj suddenly changed. After seeing all these moments, Kavya feels that Vanraj is going away from her and is going back to Anu again.

The upcoming episode of the show will be worth watching in which all the stars are giving their best in their roles. If you want to watch the full episode of Anupamaa then it will be going to air on Star Plus at 9 PM. You just need to stay on the Star Plus to watch the full episode of the show tonight.


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