Hello, readers today we have a new update about the most exciting and captivating tv serial Anupama which ranking in the Top 5 list of Television programs. Audience giving huge attention and if we talk about the current update there are lots of interesting scenes which tuned the story in a different direction. The written update of this upcoming serial starts with Anupama the lead character of the story and there is Vanraj angry on her due to very big mistake happened by Anupama.

Anupamaa 7th November 2020 Written Episode Latest Today Update: Vanraj Angry on Anupama

Written Update of Anupama episode 7th November 2020

Vanraj angry on Anupama and both get involved in a hilarious argument

In today’s upcoming episode Anupama tells Samar that she was seriously thankful to Samar because he helps her and motivates her to start the new beginning of her life. On the other side, Vanraj found that meeting is over now and He immediately and talk to Kajal that how she can take all credit of this presentation. Kavya tells him that he should be thankful to her to manage this meeting on his behalf.

Samar tells Nandini that he is very happy and feels so amazing because Nandini cares about Anupama and she supports her dreams. Samar tries to express his feeling towards Nandini but he ends the discussion suddenly.

Vanraj comes here and he sees Anupama dancing with cherish face. Vanraj suddenly gets angry on her because Kavya took all the credit of presentation in office.

When all the family members are ready for the dining table and sitting on their places. then suddenly Leela got information that Anupama made Ghobhi Parathas. Because Vanraj never liked to eat Ghobhi Parathas. Vanraj knows about the meal and he says So far in the last 25 years there is Nobody cooked any dish which is hated by him. He says today the recipe is made only to irritate him. After this scene, Kavya meets Vanraj and tell him that it is the right time to reveal all the things about their relationship.


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