Star Plus is a very famous and genuine Indian Television Channel that airs many reputed and brilliant television shows. One of the most popular and famous Indian television Show is Anupamaa. Many people love the show and like to watch the show regularly. The lead roles are played by two very famous personalities named Rupali Ganguly and Sudhanshu Pandey. Both personalities are very famous and already appears in many television shows. Many fans love their performance and like to watch their scene in the show. The television series starts from 13th July 2020 after a long lockdown and the story lineup of the show Anupamaa is based on normal life and relations of the Indian family.

Anupamaa 5th november

Anupamaa Sends a Letter to Vanraj

The upcoming episode is very interesting and starts with Vanraj who is reading Anupama’s Letter. In the letter, she writes to him that “She used to pack tiffin for 25 years, but as her heart, the tiffin box is empty now.” Also, she writes in the letter that stop employ cheap tricks to tease her and also stop troubling her family. After reading the entire letter of Anupamaa, Vanraj gets angry. The letter from Anupamaa to Vanraj is very interesting and dramatic but the upcoming episode will more amazing to watch.

On the other side, Samar and Bhavesh trying to convince Anupamaa. Hasmuk asks her to start dance classes but Anupamaa shocked after hearing this. Kinjal comes and joins all of them and tries to encourage Anupamaa. Later, Leela comes and stops everyone from encouraging Anupamaa for dance class and said she is only a housewife and lets her care for her family only. After that, Kinjal helps Anupamaa in the kitchen to cook the food. Anupamaa also teaches her how to cook. Kinjal again asks her to join dance classes.

Paritosh Trying to Overhear the Conversation of Anupamaa

Paritosh overhears the conversation between Anupamaa and Kinjal. He upset after hearing the conversation of both. Later, Vanraj calls Anupamaa and she hangs up the call. Vanraj angry with her for throwing taunts at him. Kinjal asks Paritosh to understand Anupamaa instead of supporting Vanraj. All the dramatic moments occur in the upcoming episode. Anupamaa airing from Monday to Saturday at 10:00 pm on Star Plus. Don’t miss to watch the upcoming episode and the story lineup.


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