Anupamaa is a Hindi Drama Television Series airing on Star Plus from 13th July 2020. Everyone knows that very famous personality Rupali Ganguli and Sudhanshu Pandey. Rupali starring the lead role in the character Anupamaa and many fans love the performance of Rupali. In the last episode of Anupamaa, the relationship between Anupamaa and Vanraj was finished and then Anupamaa’s mother comes to meet her with Bhavesh. After that, Anupamaa talks to both, and then the episode ended. The last episode of the Anupamaa was very interesting and crispy. Both the lead personalities are seen in the fight and both are on the verge of breaking relationships.

Anupamaa 29th October 2020 Written Episode (29-10-2020) – Kavya And Vanraj Talk To Each Other To Meet

Anupamaa 29th October 2020 Written Update (29-10-2020)

In the upcoming episode of Anupamaa, Kavya makes a call to Vanraj and tells that she can’t bear the stress and also says to Vanraj to come to her for some time. After that, Vanraj denied her and says you leave me for some time. Kavya questioned him as to why he telling to leave her and says if he really wants to finish things with her. But Vanraj hangs up the call and the conversation between both ends. The second conversation between Devika and Anupamaa when Devika calls Anu. Devika asks Anu that she had talked to Vanraj and Devika further says he must try emotional blackmail.

Devika says that her husband does the same with her and says you better know his lies. Any replied to her no, Devika again asks Anupamaa that she informed the family about the relation break with Vanraj. Anupamaa replies that she doesn’t have any idea when her relation ruined and she also not know about bear pain alone or with family. Devika suggests Anupamaa come to her home and she recalls all the times Vanraj come to her.

Pakhi shocking replies to Anupamaa in the latest episode

After that, Pakhi enters the room and Anupamaa cancels the call. Pakhi comes to Anupamaa and asks her about her health and says are you fine. Anupamaa says her to stay in her room for some days and Pakhi replies that she doesn’t need to take permission for staying in her room. Anupamaa continues doing chores and Bapuji says that she doesn’t need to do much work and needs some rest. Anupamaa says if she doesn’t work then she feels sick. Later, Anupamaa went to the temple, and Vanraj comes to her and trying to putting Mangalsutra on her neck. Mamaji says that they are going to marry for the third time. The latest episode looking interesting and don’t miss to watch the upcoming episode.


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