Today’s episode starts with Kavya is continuously calling Vanraj but he is not receiving her call. Anupama and Leela decide to fly kite but Anupama says she hasn’t flown kite for a long time so she needs expert advice. Leela asks her whose advice she wants then she looks at Leela and says your advice. Leela says she will help her to fly kite and says sometimes to fly kite we need to loose the grip of thread but not to let go of the thread. She says sometimes due to some circumstances kite goes to neighbors but it clearly doesn’t belong to them. Both Anupama and Vanraj get the meaning of those words. At that moment Hansmukh comes and asks Leela not to give her advice all the time. Leela says why you make me scold Vanraj. To end this conversation Anupama asks all to join her as she has brought some stuff to show them.Anupamaa 15th January 2021 Written Update Latest Episode: Vanraj Ignores Kavya

Later Kavya got jealous seeing Vanraj happy with his family. Anupama sees Kavya and got sad by remembering what happened in past. Kavya wants to celebrate this festival with Vanraj only. But just to make Vanraj happy she join his family and celebrate with them. There Samar goes to Nandini’s house. Samar feels embarrassed as Nandini wasn’t properly dressed. Samar asks Nandini to take her time to dress. Samar found a diary in Nandini’s room. As Samar reads this diary that left him with tears in his eyes. Nandini comes and sees him teary-eyed. She asks the reason but Samar gives her a hug and wipes his tears.

Here, Anupama thinks about her childhood and prepare her kite and make a smiley on it. Vanraj and Shah’s watch Anupama doing this. Anupama flies her kite and got a compliment from Paritosh to fly it like an expert. Anupama smiles to get this compliment. Other side Kavya makes a Kite and writes a message for Vanrah and Shah. Then Shah’s give a dance performance on ‘patang’ song. Kavya looks enjoying Shah’s. Later Shah’s decision to take a kite flying competition makes everyone take part in it. Sanjay, Paritosh, Samar, and Leela’s kites fall one by one. Bailu makes fun of Samar and says he has already warned him not to participate in this competition. Anupama encourages Samar to give one more try to it. She asks him not to make the same mistake this time. Later Paritosh, Kinjal and Samar, Nandini dance on ‘Aankho ki Gustakhiyan’ song. (Episode ends)


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