Anupama Written Update Today June 4th 2022: Anupamaa this Indian show has become the order of the day and people are showing their love on the internet and appreciating the story which is being broadcast. In the upcoming episode of Anupamaa, Anuj and Anupamaa continue talking and suddenly Barkha enters the house. When Anuj looks at Barkha and he even can not express his feelings and hugs her with a lot of Joy. Anupamaa is standing there and thinking about her who is she and why Anuj is feeling on cloud nine.

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Anuj tells Anupamaa that she is Barkha and she is his sister-in-law who lives in the United States. Once Anupamaa gets to know that she is her sister in law of her and she also feels alive and kicking and the environment of the house becomes the seventh heaven. Firstly she bows her head before Barkha to have blessings but Barkha left the place and takes two steps back. Anupama Written Update Today June 4th 2022

Anuj makes her stand about the rituals and she says that in America these traditional rituals have been removed from the individuals’ life. Apart from she gives blessings to Anupamaa and after a couple of seconds Anupamaa hugs Barkha and she cries. While crying Barkha asks Anuj what happened he says to Barkha that it is a tear of joy and she is feeling up to the mark after her sister-in-law comes home.

In the Shah house, Kinjel is requesting to Baa that she wants to hit the party and Baa keeps denying and saying do not force me to scold you otherwise your upcoming child will be born without ears. She says to Kinjal that if anything wrong happens so who will be responsible for that. Kinjal says do not worry Baa I have “Waner Sena” and Samer, Toshu, and Pakhi come to the living room and instead her to go to the party and Vanraj comes and allows them to go to the party and gives some bucks to Toshu for having fun.

Here, Anuj Brother’s comes to home and surprises them And he started to celebrate and he opens a bottle of champagne but Anupamaa feels something fishy and he wants to go into the kitchen to have something for their sister and brother in law but Anuj stops her and requests to stay there. Same ritual Anupamaa repeats and vice-versa. His brother says as much he hears appreciation of her but she is more beautiful.

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