Anupama Written Update June 6th 2022 Today: Anupamaa is creating history in Indian Television. The way this show has been loved by the audience is nothing but incredible results. In recent episodes, Anupamaa has initiated her life to live happily and what else is happening in this show will discuss in upcoming episodes. follow these written updates to know more information. In the upcoming episode, Pakhi continues her talking with the boy whom she met at the party and she says to him do not dare to impress me.

Anupama Written Update June 6th 2022 Today Spoiler

she is here with two brothers of her and they also feel angry but the boy answers and says to her that he is here alone and she can try to impress him and suddenly the boy comes to her closely and Pakhi might be taken any steps and standing silent. Somehow, Toshu finds him while doing these things and he gets very angry. In Kapadi’s house, Everybody is looking forward to having food. Anupama Written Update June 6th 2022 Today

Barkha prepared food for all of them and Barkha says to Anuj and Anupamaa that she will serve the food please be sited here, and both sit and found food bur that is not Indian. Anuj tastes the food and appreciates her cooking and he stops at Anupamaa for eating but she denies it. All of a sudden GK comes there and Anuj forces him to have ‘Khichdi’ and he will cook for him but DJ refuses his proposal and says, he is not hungry right now.

Barkha feels suspicious and says to the new couple to tell her about their relationship. Anuj insistence Anupamaa exploring She says to all of them that if she starts, it will cover the whole night and requests Anuj. He also answers the same he will take his whole life to express himself. Barkha Feels Jeaulosy while having food on the dining table.

When Samer is talking to the new girl and asking her is she a Painter but she rejects that and says she is not a painter but she knows the value of an artist and appreciates them. She also says to him that she knows dancing and Vice-Versa. Suddenly, she listens to Pakhi’s voice and he searches the place and founds Toshu is about the mess with the guy who tried to impress Pakhi. Pakhi and Samer make Toshu understand and solve the drama, and Sara comes there and looks at Samer and gets surprised there and she goes with the boy from there. Do watch this episode on Star Plus.

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