In the popular show, Anupama, which is one of the top shows and gained millions of fans through its story, a new twist is going on in the show, where we can see Anupama is completely changed, and now she is not afraid fo his husband, Vanraj knows it, in the last episode, Anupama goes to Kavya’s place, and Vanraj was also there, however, he hid before anyone sees him, Anupama meets Kavya and tells her about her future plans, now let’s move forward and know what is going on in the upcoming episode.

Anupama Written Update 3rd November 2020: Vanraj Shouts At Pakhi

You must have watched the previous episode, where we see Anupama and Kavya facing each other, in the bigging Anupama does not know that Vanraj is hiding there, she speaks to Kavya and says, she does not care now what he does or not, Kavya says you should divorce him now he does not love you, he just got married to you but he is happy with me, then Anupama says, he can do whatever he wants but he should at least inform to his parents because Anupama does not want her parents to get hurt, in future, we will marry each other, Kavya says to Anupama, while Anupama goes from there, she sees the slipper of the Vanraj and she gets to know Vanraj is also there, later Vanraj comes out and says why the hell did you tell her about our future plans, you should not have, he was pretty angry to her and left her without replying.

In the next scene, we see Pakhi crying then Toshu and Samer, they ask her the reason behind crying, she says, they are treating her like an outsider, she is not being told what is happening with her mom and dad, she days her mom means Anupama used ot take care of her father but now she does not care about him, as he is not in her life, then Samar tries to tell her, but Toshu sto[ps her and says him to hide things, Samar says let her know the truth, whom she considered as the best father of the world, he betrayed her wife. Toshu believes blindly in the story of Vanraj, but soon her trust will be broken.

Vanraj walks to her and shouts at her, and she does not stop behaving like this, she continues her attitude, now she is not scared and her son Samar behaves like her bodyguard, when both talk to each other then Anupama says, what if I have done something wrong like him and i made relation like him with another man, what would you have felt, after listening to her, he says how did you dare to say this even, she says I just said and you did, now let’s be patient what new turn comes on the way. Do Watch Anupama, on Starplus at 9:00 PM. Stay updated through our articles on the same page.


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