As we know in daily soap show the “Anupama” is one of the popular show. So, today’s episode begins with Kinjal and Samar and they said to stop because they don’t have a need to discuss this topic. That what day tells and it should not affect you. Kinjal still fights for staying here. Samar said she doesn’t have to need too much thinking. Now, Anu should think for a reason, about this she tells her child and watchmen that she is not mentally well.  She is totally mad, or he is not worried for her, court offended him, He doesn’t promise to stay keep quiet in this relation and not spend his life easily.


Samar said that he sees a different notice which is why he is upset and he doesn’t know what he is doing right now. Kinjal said she is talking with her last 25 years, we have to break her strong mindset. Anu said she is broke by her heart not from her mind. Now Sameer leaves to take favor of his father in front of his mother. Toshu said we can’t deny blood relation. Samar asks what she is doing. Samar said that she is an idiot.

Toshu grabs his collar. Samar said when he is announcing that mummy is mentally disturb that time he felt guilt. He thinks that Toshu doesn’t take favor of his mother. Then Toshu said in a room that he has to encourage his mother and maintain a distance between both of them. Samar said that he tells the whole world that how unpretentious Mr.Shah is. Samar said in reality there is no change. Toshu said whatever is happening here mummy is under restriction but not the father. And mummy knows very well that father is very angry. And at the last he hearts himself.

Kinjal and Anu take him to a palace. Toshu again starts blaming that she send the separate notice, so my father is not responsible for this situation. Now the show is in a very interesting scene and we can say the show gives a big twist to viewers. So be connected with us to know the upcoming and latest episode and stay safe!


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