We are back with the written update of Star Plus serial name “Anupama”. The episode starts with Anupama stops Vanraj from applying the vermillion in her hairline. Vanraj says that he knows she doesn’t believe his words. That’s why he wants to apply vermillion and wants to believe her. Anupama says that you applied vermillion on our 25th anniversary. Maybe you have forgotten what happened after some time. But I remember everything. Vanraj says that he knows whatever he has been done is wrong and can’t be forgiven but I want to be changed.


Anupama asks if he wants that whatever happened with me, I will do with Kavya then let me tell you that it would not happen. Does she say she knows that how does it feel? when the other person enters the life and snatches everything. I don’t want whatever I feel, she feels that too. She removes vermillion from her forehead and walks away. She also asks Vanraj to wipe vermillion from his hands. In the next scene, Pakhi stands in the garden and crying. Samar comes and hugs her from behind and says sorry to her. They both confess their love to each other. But then Pakhi releases that it was her dream. Pakhi realizes that she loves Samar but cannot tell him.

Later, Vanraj holds Anupama’s pooja plate and calls her. But stops to see Kavya. Kavya says she is not following him. As she knows that you want to gave a second with Anu. She says she also wants to give second chance, her and Anirudh’s marriage. She says she is trying to apologize to Anirudh but he didn’t forgive him for whatever happened in past. But she believes that everything will be fine. She also says that you are very lucky, and you have a very lovely family, Anupama will also forgive her soon, and everything will be fine again like before. Vanraj recalls Anupama’s words.

Pakhi is calling her college friend as she didn’t come to school. Her friends tell her that she went shopping for her parent’s anniversary. Pakhi says but they were separate. Riya says that her father apologizes to her mother and she forgave him, now everything is fine. Pakhi hopes that her parents also get back together. Samar goes to Pakhi’s house and says I told you that we are friends. So, you should open the door and make a coffee for him. Kavya tells Vanraj that she is going abroad with Anirudh and settle down there. She says I hope you and Anupama should be together. Vanraj reminisces Anu’s words. So, don’t forget to watch “Anupama”.


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