The episode commences with Baa as she prepared Dhokla for Anupama and looks for her. Pakhi says she also prepared something for her. Vanraj and Samar wonder if Anupama learns about her disease. They go to search for her but she comes before them. Everyone starts behaving casually so that she didn’t get suspicious. Shah shows her the dishes which they prepared for her. Baa says to her that they want to surprise her but can’t control themselves. Anupama thinks in her mind that how lucky she is.


Anupama says to everyone that they are thinking to hide the dishes just like they are hiding other things. Everyone gets stunned. She asks what are they thinking that they can hide anything from her. She says to them that they’re considering her weak but she is not. Samar tries to make her understand. She says that she never runs away from the problems and she always thinks to solve the problem instead of run away. She says to them that she knows, they love her very much but they should have told her that she will die soon.

Vanraj comes there and says she is not going to die soon. He says that her family will not let happen to her. Baaa says to her that they never thought that she is weak, they just don’t want to hurt her. She says that this disease can’t harm a mother as she has seen lots of problems and dealt with them alone. She says she wants to see her children’s wedding and their children as well. She says they don’t have to worry about her as she won’t die so soon. Everyone hugs.

Baa apologize to her and says they prepare all these dishes out of love. She asks her to feed her. She nods and smiles. Baa makes her eat. Everyone goes outside and enjoys playing games and dancing. Kavya notices Vanraj is happy with her family. Anupama comes to him and says to him that he should go to Kavy as she is also his family. He says to her that he will meet her later. Adi meets Kavya and asks her who is she. Vanraj talks to Anupama and tells her how he is feeling so guilty for her condition and asks her to stay with her in this tough time. She says to him that if he wants to do something for her then promise her that he will marry Kavya.


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