We are back with the latest episode of Anupama where Toshi tells Anuj that everyone has gone to the park despite Anu. Toshu says that if he needs any kind of help, he can call him. Anupama comes outside the kitchen and sees Anuj is in tension. She tries to ask and Anuj also thinks that he will have to tell everything about Malvika to Anu.

Anupama December 16th December 2021 Full Episode

She thinks that if this is worth so, he will tell her. Anu takes Kadda for him and Anuj says that why is she always working in the kitchen? Anuj asks her not to work in the kitchen the entire day. Anu doesn’t hear him and forces him to drink Kada.

Anuj says that he doesn’t like Kada and Anu forces him to drink. Anuj drinks Kada because of Anupama’s happiness. After finishing Kada, Anu gives him a toffee and he gets happy. Suddenly, Anu falls down but Anuj holds her hand.

Anuj says that there is no one in the house and this is the right time to tell her about Malvika. He asks her to sit and says that he has to talk urgently. He thinks about her reaction. Anu thinks that he needs to ask him.

They hear a ring bell and Anu goes to open the door and on the other side, Nandini and Samar work out and suddenly, Samar gives a proposal for marriage. Nandini gets happy and Samar says that once, mummy comes back home, he will talk to her and insist her talk to Baa.

They get happy after knowing that they are going to marry soon and think that Anu and Anuj also get married soon. At Anuj’s house, Vanraj comes and they talk to each other. Anu asks him the reason to come and Vanraj says that he organized a party for everyone. Anu asks the reason for the party and Vanraj says that this is a turning point of his life.

Vanraj asks Anupama to surely come. Hasmukh talks to Leela about the party and he says that when a surprise comes, it also comes with shock. They think about Vanraj as he is looking for a change.

Leela says that he is going to show something. On the other side, Vanraj gets happy and asks to give a black mark to avoid any evil eye. Also, Kavya is shocked because she doesn’t know the reason behind the party. While Anuj gets shocked after looking at Anupama as she is looking beautiful. The Episode Ends.


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