As we know Anupama is a very popular show among people, it is running well with great TRP on Television. Here we are sharing a written Update of the Latest Episode. According to the promo videos, the show is going to be very interesting and entertaining. The latest episode starts with Anuj replies Vanraj that he was rich when he had all relationships and above all Anupama; without Anupama, he can’t be rich after taking over the world’s wealth.

Anupama 9th February 2022 Written Update

Vanraj says he is not responsible for Anuj’s and Mukku’s tussle and blames Anu for this. Anuj says not to take her name from his mouth. Anuj says he will not spare him, Vanraj replies why would he be afraid of this Anuj if he was never afraid of the Anuj Kapadia.

Toshu informs the family that he called the office and found out that they are all togather. Baa says now the real problem start from there. Kavya fears Anuj and Vanraj will harm each other in anger. Bapuji says the issue will worsen now. Another hand Anuj comes to Mukku’s cabin followed by Vanraj who tries to stop them.

And tells him not to interfere in brother’s and sister’s matters. Anuj takes Mukku to his cabin. Phoolon Ka Tarron ka Sabka Kehna Hai… song plays in the background. Anuj asks her to sign on ownership documents of his business empire. Malvika gets emotional.

Anuj says everything is in her name now; he says there are many issues that happen between them. saying now is resigning from Kapadia empire but not responsibility as her brother says can’t stop worrying for her as he is her brother.

Malvika hugs him and asks if he can leave her and not Anupama. Anuj says she is not in a  position to understand but one day she will be by herself. Vanraj taunts Anuj she and her boyfriend become beggars now.

Anu says beggar is an extended hand but Anu with his head high gave everything. Anu asks Malvika to visit her when she wants to have her prepared food, vent out her anger on her and hate her but should learn her brother only with love.

Anuj wishes her the best of luck and walks towards the door, Malvika Stops him and runs towards him but seeing Anu she remembers Vanraj’s words. Anuj leaves the cabin with Anu Malvika breaking down. Anuj cries to remembering Mukku. Anu says to Anuj that she can understand what is the feeling. Episodes end.


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