As we know Anupama is a very popular show among the people, It has great TRP. The show is very amazing because of its story. Fans love to watch the show, They wait for an upcoming show. We have seen many twists in the show and will see them in the serial.

Anupama 6th January 2022

The show has all things, which make hit the serial, it has drama, emotions, comedy, you will see everything in this show. Here we will share all the highlights of the show, we will share promo videos by the written update. So let’s start the blog.

The show starts with Malvika discussing with Vnaraj that they need to send publicity and PR plan with a timeline to investors. Malvika hearing her says she knows many PR agencies. Malvika says it’s okay, thank you. Anu and Anuj walk in. Malvika asks how can they stay away from this house. Malvika suggests that you should also shift here with GK.

Kavya says this house is not a Dharmshala. Kavya asks Anu to take Malvika from here right now. kavya warns her that she knows that if Vnraj knows someone’s weakness, he will misuse it for the benefit to the core; he knows Malvika is a weakness of Anuj. Vanraj makes presentations for investor meetings. Anu and Anuj walk in. Malvika says to Anuj to handle the meeting, Anuj says Vanraj has already prepared everything.

Malvika just like a superstar actor’s presence makes an advertisement more valuable, her superstar business brother’s presence will make their meeting more valuable. Malvika says about Anu, that Anu’s presence shows that Their company believes in gender equality.

Vanraj fumes within but grins. Anuj starts Presentation. Anu gets concerned seeing Vanraj’s body language. Kavya gathers the whole family and she wants to make an announcement. She says she is planning a new party. She will prepare everything.

Anu asks what if she convinces Mlavika to attend the party. Anuj says it is not possible. He asks if she will try for Mukku. He feels nervous. On other hand, Kavya says Toshu and Kinjal’s relationship, her and Vanraj’s and even Baa and Bapuji’s relationship were at stake house, so Nandani should stay in a different house with Samar after marriage; Samar listens to their coversation.

You will see Anu walking away blushing. Anuj thinks he was flirting. The show is very interesting and entertaining. The show telecast on Star Plus, if you won’t watch all the episodes so you can watch it on Hotstar at any time. Stay connected with us for more updates.


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