As we know Anupama is a very popular show on television, Serial has amazing TRP. This show is very famous among the people. The show has a huge fan following among the people. The show is getting thrilling and entertaining because of its amazing twists. We have seen more drama in the show, and the show is successfully entertaining the fans.

anupama 5th jan 2022

In the show, a new Character has come, named Malvika she is very cute and pretty. She is the sister of Anuj. Here we will share all the highlights of the show, we have seen promo videos of the upcoming episode. according to the promo videos, the show is going to be very interesting and entertaining. So let’s start the article.

On the basis of the promo videos, Episode starts with Anuj and Anupama continuing to walk home enjoying each other’s company. Ghazab Ka Hai Din… the song is playing in the background. Anuj holds her hand nervously, he says he doesn’t know why he held her hand but his heart wants to do this. She shyly nods yes and walks along with him.

Kavya confronts Malvika for hugging Vnaraj and warns her to stay out from her husband. Malvika says she is not PC like Kavya, Kavya says what is meant by PC, she says PC means Pati Chor. Kavya gets angry. Kavya wants to job in Vanika’s company and Malvika is okay with it, But Vanraj refuses this and he says search for a job by yourself.

You will see in the episode, Anuj corrects Anu’s Saree Pleats, and he says he would have done the same if Anu was Mukkus’s Bhabhi. GK praises Anuj for expressing his feelings for Anu without any hesitation. Anuj says he is acting SRK currently and making blunders, Anu will hit him now.

GK says she didn’t that means she liked it. Anuj is more nervous. GK asks Anu, do you love Anuj, she says yes. GK says you should tell to Anuj, and you should marry him, she says this is not the right time for this, She wants to sort out some issues. Gk agrees with her.

Anu says let Anuj solve Malvika’s problem first. GK says Malvika doesn’t have a problem with him. Anuj says she can wait like Anuj for her for 26 years till his and Malvika’s problem are sorted out. She says now this is her family as well. she doesn’t want to stuck Anuj between his sister and wife.

Anuj notices and walks to them. Anuj says them why were they looking so serious if everything is alright. She says he is a Bholuram and says they should visit Shah’s house and bring her back home. He nods okay. She walks away smiling. He stands confused. episode ends.


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