The latest episode of Anupama starts when Anu is clicking a family picture with Shah’s family and suddenly, Kavya stops everyone there. Kavya yells at Anupama and asks to keep away from Shah’s family. She brings Anupama in the room and asks that why she is coming again and again to the Shah family. Anupama says that she came here for Baa and Bapuji.

Anupama 4th December 2021 Episode

Anupama asks her to keep her eyes on the wedding as Vanraj stays with her. Anupama goes out of the room and she plays songs and everyone dances. Vanraj asks her what happened? Anupama says that she can’t tell anything to anyone. Suddenly, Kavya comes there and stops the music.

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Kavya gives papers to Bapuji and says that he is not the owner of the house. Kavya says that she just wants to live with Shah’s family happily. She wants just love of Vanraj and apologizes in front of everyone. Vanraj smiles and Kavya also get happy. Later, Anuj warns Anupama of the Kavya sudden change.

She says that she can understand Kavya and therefore, she can change her thinking. Anupama says that she is possessive for her place in the house and can do anything for Vanraj. Anuj says that now, the problems of Shah’s family have been finished so, she can concentrate on her work.

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Everyone comes to the hall and has food. Bapuji and Baa thank everyone to celebrate their wedding anniversary like this. Vanraj says that Kavya gave a good price to Bapuji and therefore, he also wants to give something to him. Vanraj gives the divorce paper to Kavya. She gets shocked and asks that why is he giving divorce to her.

Vanraj says that they were just waiting for the Baa and Bapuji anniversary and now, they want to move from her. Kavya says is he lost his mind? He says that he was mad and married her and asks her to take the half property as well. Kavya says that Vanraj loves her and can’t do this.

Kavya started to yell at Anupama and blames her. Anuj asks her not to blame Anu and keep calm at this situation. Vanraj shouts at Kavya and says that no one manipulates his mind. Anupama says that she did not do anything.

Kavya says that she will kill Anupama and on the other side, Anuj asks her to keep calm warns her. While Vanraj asks her to sign over the divorce documents and away from Anu. She says that she will not sign over the documents as it was not thinking of Vanraj. The Episode Ends.


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