Anupama which is the television serial of star plus is continuously going very well. There are numerous twists in the serial and viewers are enjoying the suspense. Currently, we have noticed a brilliant level of changes in the story that we going to explore in this written update report. Here are the various things that you should know about the latest episode. Stay here to get all the details without any extra effort.


The latest episode of Anupama will start with Anupama and Vanraj. He is on a phone call and saying to someone that his restaurant would be the best. She gave him a pen to sign some documents. He asks that if she talked about the competition to impress Mukku or just like that. She says whatever you think.

There are many things which going to make the episode twist-filled. He says People are either dear ones or strangers, friends or enemies, together or separated, they were everything. She says he still has an attitude in his behavior.

But she says that our life is like a screenplay and it is written by Kanha Ji. So there is nobody who can change it. He asks what? she says earlier Anuj came into her life and now Mukku. He says that there was a moment when he got jealous of Anuj. But now everything is fine and good. He is not like this now.

Recently as we have seen in the episode that Vanika has signed a cheque of Rs 50 lakh to the name of Vanraj. Because of giving 50 lakhs Anuj gets angry and shouts at her. He says that you don’t know what are you doing and do you know where he will use this huge amount.

After the work, Anu rushes out of the office when Malvika gives her Christmas Party Invitation. Anus says she never attended a Christmas party before. She is happy so much and thanks for inviting her.

The episode will be available on Star Plus you can watch it there. Also, you can watch the serial on Zee5 also. So far the serial got huge attention because of the marvelous story. It has a huge audience and the audience continuously watches the show.


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