There is much news spread day by day on social media platforms. Many news is real and many are considered hocks. We all are in swim about that Television has become a part of the life. People do not miss any chance to engage with them. Similarly, A piece of news is getting more attention on social media platforms. When one of the most popular and successful tv shows Anupamaa has become the talk of the town.

Anupama 25th May 2022 Written Update

Anupamaa is an Indian television drama that is being broadcast in the Hindi language. This show earned the respect of people in a very short Tempo. Anupamaa was introduced by Star Plus on 13 July 2020. The story of this show is very simple a lady is a housewife who is known as Anupamaa. Who is tackling many problems such as being a housewife she has to manage the house and her work at the same time.

In the upcoming episode of this show, Anupamaa got married to Anuj Kapadiya and she is looking very happy finally she has received an award for her hard work. On the other side, Vanraj Shah is feeling guilty and he is regretting his decision and behavior which has been shown to him before with Anupamaa.

The next episode of the high drama will be broadcast in this serial. In today’s show, one of her sons Anuj says that he is very happy he can not see her mum’s tears. Anupamaa goes to GK to bow the head and GK denies to admit again. Anuj Kapadiya appeals to Anupamaa that her family also can join them at their home, he does not have any problem. On this statement, Vanraj started shouting and his second wife Kavya says a lot of taunting words.

Her husband Vanraj Shah got married to Anupamaa and she has 3 children. Apart from Vanraj Shah got married to Kavya Gandhi who was his secretary. They all live in a single house. Whereas Anupamaa is purely an Indian housewife and Mr. Kapadiya is the boss of Vanraj Shah and his second wife Kavya Gandhi. Vanraj Shah does not respect his first wife, and he thinks his first wife is from Village and she does not have etiquette.This episode will be broadcast on 25 May 2022, on the network Star Plus. Do not forget to watch this episode. This episode will mesmerize the audience. Stay connected to know more details.


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