Another interesting episode of Anupama is all set to entertain the watchers today because of the exciting moments of the serial. The latest of the serial begins with Anuj and Anupama who are searching for Malvika on the streets of the city.

Anupama 25th December 2021

During their search, a man tells them that he saw a girl running barefoot on the road. He also tells them, she was running on the same path and tells Anuj that she is mentally ill. Anuj gets angry and lost his calms and gets angry over the man. Anuj stops him and they goes further to search her.

Anuj and Anu get to know that she went to Shah’s house. On the other side at home, GK thinks about Malvika that if she came back after a long time so, why did she go? In the Shah house, Malvika requests every one of the families including Vanraj to let her live in this house and Kavya says to her that she couldn’t live properly in this house.

She says that she will go to the hotel to live but suddenly, Vanraj stops her and gives permission to live in the house. Kavya takes Vanraj to another side and they both argue. Vanraj reminds her of how even she urged his family to let her live in the house once.

Later, Malvika asks them not to fight because of her and says that if they are not comfortable so, she will leave. Suddenly, Bapuji stops her and says that she can live with them in this house. Kavya gets angry and asks her to leave the house but suddenly, Anuj reaches there and warns Kavya not to shout at her sister.

Later, Anuj apologizes to her and asks her to go forgive him. He asks her to go his home with him but she denies going with him. She says that she like the environment of the house and wants to live here.

Anuj says that she can live in this house and Malvika gets happy. She says thanks to Anuj for giving her permission. Kavya asks them to leave the house and suddenly, Vanraj warns her to stop. Anuj and Anu go out of the house after which Anu apologizes to everyone for making the decision on his behalf.

Anuj asks her not to get apologize about it as he has faith in her that she will not take any wrong decision. Kavya thinks that she has to kick Malvika out of the house.

Now, the upcoming episode will also show that when Malvika starts to live in the house, Malvika and Vanraj play a dice game to make a business decision.

Along with this, Anuj also suggests to Malvika that Vanraj is the right person for her business. Malvika tells Vanraj that she sent Rs 50 lakh to his account. So, let’s wait for the upcoming episode of the serial.


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