As we know Anupama is a very popular show among people, Anupama has great TRP on television. People love to watch the show, Show has all things which make it a hit. We have seen many things in the show, Drama, emotion, argument, and comedy. In this show, Anupma is a Favourite character of the fans. We have seen in the previous show that, Samar is confused about his relationship with Nandu.

Anupama 22 January 2022 Written Update

Anumpa tells him the importance of the relationship that, all relations don’t perfect and we have to make them perfect. We have to put some effort into the relationship. All the family gives him many examples and Bapuji gives him Samar’ bat’s example that how had he been repaired for it much time because he loved that. Baa also gives example. Keep reading.

Vanraj disagrees with all and he says his son will not tolerate all the things like him, which Vanraj had tolerated and he is tolerating yet first Anumapa and Now Kavya. He says to Samar that doesn’t be like his father be like Anu. He says doesn’t choose this type of relationship.

Anupam says to Vanraj that don’t teach wrong to her son. Vanraj says he is saying right. Anupma says Now Samar will decide and she trusts him that he will make the right decision. She belive he has her morals and he will not forget them.

According to the promo videos, Anupama says to Pakhi that all should have a mission, If they have a mission then they can find a way for going on this. She says Samar was not good in the study and Toshu was god in his studies, but both were aware of their aim.

She says that she should find out her aim and make a path. If you are not aware of your aim then you will run and run and in the last, you will not be successful.

She says every child is different and their dreams are also different some want to become an IAS and some engineers, teachers, doctors, artists, etc. Anupama says you are dreaming your friends’ dreams. Anumpa says you should dreaming but it should be your dream. Mukku tries to say something but Anumpa stops her.

Then Anupam comes out and thinks about Pakhi then Vanrj comes there and starts fighting with Anu. He says why has she stopped Mukku and what about Anuj, He says Anuj also interrupts in their family matters. She says Anuj interrupts in serious matters. She says this is their kid’s matter and nobody should interrupt in this matter. He says Anu always tries to insult him in front of his kids. Episode ends. Stay connected for more updates.


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